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September 22, 2012
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Anyway, I have this theory that players are assigned their classes based on their personalities. Basically I adapted it into a personality test.

THE MAID (Aradia, Jane, Porrim)

The Maid is somewhat shy and is okay with subordination. The Maid draws power from her own values and beliefs, making her an excellent right-hand "man". While coming off as unassertive at times, the Maid will do anything to help her friends.

THE PAGE (Tavros, Jake)

The Page likes to pretend and make-believe, but that doesn't mean he always has his head in the clouds. The Page gives himself power through psyching himself out and visualization. While not always successful in romantic relationships, the Page is a loyal friend and companion.

THE MAGE (Sollux)

Introverted and moody, the Mage is prone to bipolarity and fits of rage. While preferring to work alone, the Mage opens up easily when he's with people close to him and can actually be quite talkative. The Mage draws power from the teamwork and support of others.

THE KNIGHT (Karkat, Dave, Latula)

The Knight gets a bad rap for his temper. However, take away his bravado front, the Knight cares very much about his friends' safety. The Knight draws power from his relationships with his friends and uses it to his advantage.

THE ROGUE (Nepeta, Roxy)

The Rogue is most popularly known for meddling in the romantic relationships of others. A shipper through and through, the Rogue genuinely cares about her friends' emotional well-being. The Rogue draws power from her own seemingly-endless supply of energy, which she is also known for.

THE SYLPH (Kanaya, Aranea)

The Sylph is analytical and intellectual. Always having something on her mind, the Sylph has no trouble comprehending complex topics. While having a tendency to ramble, the Sylph is very outspoken and knows what she's talking about. Sometimes seen as a meddler, the Sylph is very concerned about her friends. The Sylph draws power from her own understanding of things, and how they benefit others.

THE SEER (Terezi, Rose, Kankri)

 The Seer is manipulative and inquisitive. While the Seer likes to play it coy often, she has trouble controlling her curiosity. The Seer gets along well with her friends, but can be quite aggressive when gathering information. The Seer draws power from her ability to figure things out with only a few facts.

THE THIEF (Vriska, Meenah)

Loud and outgoing, the Thief may come off as a jerk and maybe even a sociopath. On the inside though, she hides a lot of insecurities. The Thief hates to be seen as weak, and will do anything to prevent that. The Thief draws power from her ability to make her own choices.

THE HEIR (Equius, John)

The Heir is often oblivious to obvious things and can sometimes come off as a jerk. The Heir is often closed-minded, and has trouble accepting new things. The Heir draws power from how he perceives the order of things.

THE BARD (Gamzee)

The Bard is very intense and unpredictable. Often coming off as laid-back and a pushover, the Bard will surprise his friends when they find out he is actually very emotionally extreme. The Bard draws power from his own inner balance, as well as the destruction of it.

THE PRINCE (Eridan, Dirk)

Flashy and flamboyant, the Prince knows how to do things with style. Fashionable and artistic, the Prince is also very concerned about how they present themselves to others. Coming off as jerky or inconsistent at times, the Prince puts up a front to hide his shyness. The Prince is quite awkward when it comes to romantic relationships, and will exploit this front if needed. The Prince draws power from his own confidence and how he presents himself to others.

THE WITCH (Feferi, Jade, Damara)

Bubbly and optimistic, the Witch is always ready to help her friends when they're in a sticky situation. The Witch has many interests others would find strange or weird, but she takes it all in stride. While usually friendly and sociable, the Witch can lose her temper when driven too far. The Witch draws power from her own emotional stability and discipline.

Just a little something I made. I noticed that characters with the same class often had similar personalities, so I adapted that observation into this. Hope it helps! :D
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This is wonderful! QuQ
Perhaps you can also do this on aspects~?
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